CTMS Release notes v2.6.10

CTMS Release notes v2.6.10

Tuesday, 7 February 2023

What's New?

A. New login with Email or Login name

  1. No Need select company
  2. Able login with Email or Login Name

B. New policy for failed login attempts

  1. When a user logs in and enters the wrong password for 5 times, the user's account will be suspended by the system (click here for more details)

C. Request OTP to unlock the suspended account

  1. Users whose accounts are suspended can request an OTP from CTMS
  2. The OTP containing a random 4-digit number will be sent to the user's email
  3. The user copies and pastes the OTP to the activation page
  4. Users will be able to login to CTMS again

D. Termination of the user

  1. Terminate is a feature that can only be used by Administrators.
  2. This feature functions to terminate user access who is no longer working at the company, so that user will not be able to access the CTMS.
  3. Terminate feature can also be used for other cases as long as it's still appropriate.
  4. Terminated users cannot request an OTP from CTMS to be able to access CTMS again, only administrators can restore user access to CTMS.

E. Selection of multiple attachments - PTW

  1. Displays the selected prerequisites
  2. Search by file attachment name
  3. If there is no file name, the form number will be displayed
  4. Click here for more details

F. Multiple worker selection - Toolbox Meeting

  1. Multiple worker selection at Toolbox Meeting 
  2. Click here for more details

G. New UI Improvment for HSSE Inspection selection finding

  1. Update for UI improvements in the Finding Category selection section in the HSSE Inspection module

H. Multiple download RE/RTO Inspection at Records page

  1. Multiple download for RE/RTO Inspection at Records page
  2. The downloaded file will contain, cover, checklist, supportive document (if any), and document attachments (if any)
  3. Click here for more details

I. Update new format running number Site Inspection Checklist (Concreting)

  1. Number Format: {PROJECT}-{CODE}-{BUILDING}-CS-Preconcreting-{NUMBER:6}
  2. Number Format: {PROJECT}-{CODE}-{BUILDING}-CS-Postconcreting-{NUMBER:6}
  3. Sampe for Pre concreting: 1234-CHK-B40-CS-Preconcreting-000001
  4. Sampe for Post concreting: 1234-CHK-B40-CS-Postconcreting-000001

J. Email Validation

  1. For new users created by the admin, it is necessary to verify by going through a link sent by the system to the user's email
  2. Every user who changes their email needs to re-verify their email
  3. Email validation to ensure that the email registered to CTMS is a valid email

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