How to Assign/Unassign User Project

How to Assign/Unassign User Project

1. Assign User to Project

This is a way to assign users to projects, users can have one or more project roles in a project (Multiple Project Role).

  • Login to CTMS as Administrator or Project Admin
  • Click on Project Setup

  • Click Users

  • Select Project

  • Click on the Add New Assignment button

  • Select User and Role then click SAVE.


You can assign users to several project roles, for example, user ‘Leana Leonardo’ is assigned to Project A as Applicant (Document) and Inspector (HSSE).

User Leana is already assigned to the project, so all you need to do is;

  1. Manage Project Users, select Project
  2. Type name user, then press Enter for searching
  3. User will appear, click the pencil button

  • Select the second Project role for user Leana in project A, then press the save button at the bottom

  • The second project role has been successfully added.

2. Unassign User from Project

To unassign a user from the project, go to User > the name of the user to be unassigned from the project, then uncheck all project roles. Make sure there are no project roles left then click the SAVE button.

4. Project Role Information

  1. Project role for HSSE Inspection module
  2. Project role for RE/RTO Inspection module

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