Subscribe CTMS Notification

Subscribe CTMS Notification

Activation CTMS Telegram notification

  • Login to CTMS
  • Press the Left Side Menu

  • Press on your Username, then press on My Profile.

  • Scroll down, press on the Setup Notification menu. 

  • Press on SUBSCRIBE button. 


  • Press and hold the link at the bottom of the QRcode until a menu appears then press the Copy menu. 

  • Open Chrome browser, then paste the link in the address bar and GO. 

  • You will be directed to a page like this, then Press the SEND MESSAGE button. 

  • After you press the send message button, your Telegram application will open like this. Then you can press the START button to subscribe to the CTMS telegram notification. 


  • If a message appears as below, then the activation of the CTMS notification to your Telegram account has been successful. 

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