Submit Inspection Request by PE (Project Engineer)

Submit Inspection Request by PE (Project Engineer)

  1. Login to CTMS
  2. In the RERTO Inspection module, click Conduct RE/RTO Inspection

  1. Click [ + ] button on inspection detail list

  1. Fill in the Location, Location Remark, Inspection Scope, Inspection Sub Scope, and Description of Work to be Inspected fields

  1. Next select RE 1 person, if needed select RE 2 as well (Optional)

  1. Attach Documents if any, the maximum number of attachments is 10 items

  1. Attach RE/RTO Inspection Checklist (required)

  1. If you have submitted an Inspection checklist previously in Records or in My Tasks, your Inspection checklist will appear in the list.

  1. If you have not submitted an Inspection Checklist, you can create an Inspection Checklist by clicking the CREATE button.

  1. Attach Site Inspection Checlist

The default date filter is Last 30 Days, and the Checklist only will appear in the list if the checklist has already been completed

  1. Fill in the signature, then click SUBMIT.

  1. After submitting, the inspection request status is "Pending Confirmation" and will appear on the list beside the RE/RTO Inspection module calendar

- VOID = To cancel an inspection request
- EDIT = Edit the Inspection detail
- COPY = As long as it hasn't been confirmed by RE, you can still edit the inspection detail
- REMOVE = To Remove Inspection

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