Assign/unassign worker to Project

Assign/unassign worker to Project

1. How to Assign a worker to Project

When you want to include a worker's name in the list of Toolbox Meeting Form, you must assign the worker to the project first.
Login to CTMS as an Administrative or Project Admin user.

Click on Project Setup, then click on Worker menu.

In the worker list, you need to select Project first

Select a worker name, click the icon to the right of the worker

Select Project Designation, then click SAVE.

If the worker has been assigned to the project, a green designation worker will appear next to the worker's name as shown below.

Now the worker that has been assigned to the project will appear in the Attendance list in the Toolbox Meeting form.

2. How to unassign workers from project

The method is the same as described above. you just need to press the unassign button next to the name of the worker you want to unassign from the project.

If the worker no longer works on the site, returns to his/her home country, how do I remove it from the system?

In CTMS workers can not be deleted, but archived. you can do this by clicking on the worker menu in the manpower management
Click the 3 dots button next to the worker's name, then click the Archive button.

Then the worker will go to the archived list. after this, the worker's name will not appear on the TBM list.

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