04. Project Role Permission

04. Project Role Permission

You can define user permissions to access a particular module by setting project role permissions.

  • Login to CTMS as Administrator  
  • Click Project Management > Click on 3 dots button on selected Project> and then click Permissions. 

  • The Project Role that you created earlier in the Data Setup will also appear here. Select a Project role, then click on the Pencil button.  

  • You can set any access rights that can be accessed by the project role by selecting the menu in Part A, for part B you must set it in the Data Setup menu > Project Roles.

  • Click SAVE.

Please Note:

  • Do not delete the project role that is being applied to the form workflow, this will cause an error in the form.
  • Do not rename the project role while the project role is still being applied to the workflow form. This can cause confusion for other users because the project role name and workflow form do not match.
  • Even though it is checked, the "Vendor available" can also be used for maincon users. But it would be better to separate project roles on maincon and subcon. Example: Applicant (maincon) and Subcon Applicant (subcon)

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