03. PTW Submission

03. PTW Submission

PTW Applicant Duties on PTW submission

Before you submit PTW, make sure you have prepared the necessary Prerequisites, such as LOA, RA, and SWP, Prerequisite for each activity, and have done the Toolbox Meeting and submitted the Toolbox Meeting form. 

Login to CTMS

Click Apply HSSE PTW, then click the + button on the PTW list in the upper right corner.

Setup PTW Plan

Fill in the Location information (Zone, Building, Level, and Grid), Select Activity and Equipment. If no Equipment is required you can select N/A. Select when the PTW plan will Start, and Duration how long the PTW will be (days). Then click the NEXT button.

Select Personal Responsible to Submit Documents,

The Person Responsible will receive a notification to submit Documents, a notification in telegram message that will be sent every 6, 9 am, and 12 pm. If the Personal Responsible or operator has submitted the document, the notification will stop. 

Then Click SAVE.

Complete the prerequisite form

Attach the Prerequisite that you have prepared before, the prerequisite is only attached when it has been assessed or has been approved.

Attach it by clicking on the prerequisite document, a list of prerequisites will appear that have been assessed or approved. 

The prerequisite for Lifting is complete

Document Applicant Duties on PTW submission

When PTW applicant appoints you as Personal Responsible to Submit Documents, you will receive a telegram notification as shown below;

Click the link in the telegram message, you will be directed to the My Tasks CTMS page.

Or you can also directly log in to CTMS and click the My Tasks menu to select the Form or Document that you must submit.

Click on the pencil icon to submit Form or Document.

Submit the form or document that is on your 'Reminding to Submit' list.

After you have submitted all the forms in the 'Remaining to submit' list, Applicant PTW will be able to attach them to PTW.

PTW Applicant attach the form to the PTW Plan

After the Document Applicant submits the Form, the next thing to do is for the PTW applicant to attach the form that has been submitted by the Document Applicant.

Go to PTW Plan

Go to the Today section

Click the form name, then the form that has been previously submitted by the document applicant will appear.

Click the form on the list to attach the form to the PTW Plan

Do the above method for the rest of the forms

Now you can do the PTW form submission. Click on the PTW form, answer the questions in the PTW form, give a signature then click SUBMIT. 

PTW has been successfully submitted, now your PTW is waiting to be assessed by the PTW Assessor and approved by the PTW Approver. 

PTW submission for day 2 onward

For the 2nd day of PTW submission, the Document Applicant will receive a notification telegram for the form he must submit.

Notifications will be sent every 6 am, 9 am, and 12 pm. If the Document Applicant has submitted all the forms part. Then the PTW Applicant can attach it to the PTW Plan and submit PTW for the 2nd day PTW.

Prerequisite Information

Prerequisite list of various Operations that you need to complete before submitting PTW;


  • Lifting Plan

Work at Height

  • Fall Prevention Plan
  • Weekly Work At Height (WAH) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Inspection Register

Confined Space & Tunneling

  • Confined Space rescue plan 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Change operator or Change Person Responsible to submit Documents

A: I chose the wrong Person Responsible to submit Documents, how do I change it?

B: Open PTW Plan, click the 3 dots menu on the form you want to change the operator, click Operator, then change operator.

Accidentally wrongly attached Form or Documents

A: I have attached the wrong form to the PTW Plan, how do I change or change it?

B: Open PTW Plan, click the 3 dots menu on the form you want to replace, click Detach Form, then click OK.

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