02. Submit Toolbox Meeting form

02. Submit Toolbox Meeting form

Before submitting PTW, you must prepare the Toolbox meeting form to be submitted first. Then when you create a PTW Plan you can attach the TBM form that you submitted.

  • Login to CTMS
  • On the My Tasks page, click the + button in the lower-left corner.

  • In the Form Type select (TBM) Toolbox Meeting, then the TBM form will appear at the bottom, click on the form.

  • On the First page, fill in the information on Work Areas / LocationsWork Activities, and Trade. then click the Next button.

  • Fill in the Topics discussed during the Toolbox Meeting, to add to the topic you can click the +More button, then click the Next page button.

  • Fill in this section with the Name of the participant who participated in the Toolbox Meeting, and you can add comments from that person. To add more participants you can add by pressing the +MORE button. After that, check the TBM form again, if all correct already fill in your signature in the “Conducted By” section, then click the SUBMIT button.

  • After you press the SUBMIT button, you will return to the My Tasks page and the Form submit successfully notification will appear and the form that you submitted will appear in the Tracking Form.

  • The form that you have submitted will also appear in the MY WORKSPACE -> Records section.

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